Classroom Management: Voices of Experience
Classroom Management: Voices of Experience


The days are gone when students entered a classroom and waited to be taught. Today's students bring baggage, literally and figuratively, into classrooms; moreover, teachers are challenged to effectively deal with that baggage while providing meaningful instruction and maximum learning for every student. For new teachers to blossom and veteran teachers to remain invigorated, the contemporary vision of education must address the complex aspects of classroom management. Read more

About Patti Slagle and Kay Twaryonas

Kay Twaryonas and Patti Slagle have spent sixty years as classroom teachers in the Louisville, Kentucky public schools. Kay's range of experience includes English, humanities and English as a Second Language at two schools. Patti's teaching experience includes English, speech and drama at three schools. Both Kay and Patti are fellows of a National Writing Project affiliate, which was instrumental in developing their teaching skills. Read more


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Although teaching is one of the most difficult jobs in the world, it can be one of the most personally fulfilling.
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